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We are the biggest supplier in the world

Jingjin has many professional and experienced senior engineers, and can provide professional liquid-solid separation solutions for our customers. We have 130 senior engineer, they have master theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Independent Research And Development

Jingjin after-sale team covers domestic and overseas parts. They are mainly responsible for after-sale filter press installation and commissioning. Domestic after-sale team covers 150, overseas are 135.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

We have agents in more than 130 countries around the world. Any problems faced in the process of filter press operation, customer can directly contact our agents or Jingjin.

Superior Service

Jingjin is the constitutor of standard of China filter press industry. Jingjin has close technical exchanges and cooperation with world top filter press suppliers, and we provide filter plate and cloth and other accessories for them.

About Us

Jingjin Equipment Inc. was founded in 1988. The company is a complex environmental protection service provider of filter outfit production, filter technology overall plan solution and environment protection project contraction and operation. The main products are filter press, filter plate, filter cloth and other accessory equipment of filter press.

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For 20 years,jingjin have teamed up to 400+global government and business,jingjin filter press municipal services in 200+production,clean water projects and so on.

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