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Analysis of the relationship between the chamber filter press and the solids content

As a manufacturer of filter presses, Jingjin Filter Press Co., Ltd. has not stopped its march over the years. Today, I visited Jingjin Filter Press Co., Ltd. where the senior engineer Zhang introduced the characteristics of a model of chamber filter press for me, and emphasized the relationship between the working process of this filter press and the solids content of the filtered material, let us go together to understand it.

Because the form of the chamber filter press meets the sensory needs of people’s daily life, it is often able to achieve the effect of filtration in the first time through the role of regulation. But in the time of cleaning because of the complexity of his structure, once you can not follow the fixed order, it is difficult to achieve the convenience of cleaning. Therefore, here, I want to tell you the method of filtering and cleaning under the premise of understanding the solid content of the filtered material.

In general, the higher the solid content of the liquid, the more experience people need to spend on cleaning, especially for those with certain viscous characteristics of the liquid cleaning, Jingjin filter press master Zhang said that the chamber filter press in the cleanup should be strictly in accordance with the order of the instructions, do not ignore any of the steps because of blindness or impatience, otherwise it will cause The impact can not be repaired, seriously affecting people’s lives.

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