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Place of Origin:  Shandong,China

Brand Name:  JINGJIN

Warranty:  12 Months

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Jingjin Agitator Introduction:

Agitators  are  widely  used  in  chemical,  pharmaceutical,  food, mining,  paper,  paint,  metallurgy,  waste  water  treatment  and  other industries,  suitable  for  agitating  operation  with  liquid  phase  as  the focus to achieve multiphase mixing including liquid - liquid, liquid -solid,  gas  –  liquid  and  gas  -  liquid  -  solid  and  heat  transfer,  mass transfer  and  chemical  reaction.  In  this  agitating  test-bed,  different trough  types  have  been  adopted  to  match  with  agitators.  Through the  observation  test  of  actual  flow  filed  of  fluid  agitating  and  data test  and  collection,  we  have  optimize  the  design  and  developed  new  practical  propeller  type  in  order  to  achieve  the  best  effect  of agitating  with  minimal  power  consumption  under  the  full conditions.  working

Designing process of Jingjin agitator

1. Inputting parameters required for the design.
2. Determining preliminary design
3.  Using  advanced  CFD  computational  fluid  dynamics  simulation  software  to simulate the operation of the design scheme to optimize the design
4. Conducting relevant material mixing tests to verify the design if necessary.
5. Determining the final optimal design
6. Organize the production based on the final design

Mixer Shaft

Food Industry Shaft


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