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Dosing Machine

Place of Origin:  Shandong,China

Brand Name:  JINGJIN

Warranty:  12 Months

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JING JIN automatic dissolving, dispensing and dosing machine consists of feeder, dissolving tank, dilution tank, reservoir tank, return pump, dosing measuring pump, control system and base, etc. The machine will operate automatically only after the solid powdery raw material is fed into aggregate bin manually. Adding of dry powder of the machine can be completed   automatically or manually. Then, the dry power is diluted with water and stirred evenly in dissolving tank, conveyed to the dilution tank for stirring, delivered to storage tank for storage from dilution tank and pumped to pipes in proportion by the dosing pump, reached the dosing requirement.


The automatic integrated dosing machine is characterized by followings:
1、Stable performance, high solution tank volume and low energy consumption.

2、Nice  appearance,  compact  structure  and  small floor coverage.

3、Easy  operation,  simple  maintenance  and  high working efficiency。

4.Adding of acid and alkali solution, and other solutions in chemical industry and textile printing.


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