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Why people love to pay attention to Jingjin plate and frame filter presses

As a person who is new to purchasing filter presses, he or she is not able to distinguish between the various types of filter presses and what industries they are suitable for. At this time, they especially need someone to give them a correct guidance.

In fact, if you know Jingjin Equipment and Environmental Protection Company, the model of domestic filter press production industry, you will get the most accurate information from them, and also get the most satisfactory filter presses. Recently many people have been paying special attention to Jingjin plate and frame filter presses, what is this all about? It turns out that people find that Jingjin’s plate and frame filter presses surprisingly also play a huge role in agricultural by-products.

We know that the country is now vigorously developing agriculture and supporting agriculture. And the processing industry of agricultural and sideline products, is also hot rise. The water rises, the plate and frame filter press also began to hot sales up.

Jingjin Equipment Environmental Protection Company reminds you that when the plate and frame filter press is pressurized and filtered for agricultural and by-products, the solid-liquid mixture flows in from the upper corner orifice of the filter frame, and the separated filtrate flows out in strands through the filter cloth on the filter plate along the gutter on the plate and is discharged from the small pipe at the end of the filter plate, but the slag is inside the filter frame.

When the slag has filled the filter chamber, the operation should be stopped, and the filter cake in the filter frame should be completely taken out and the filter cloth should be cleaned.

The whole work of the plate and frame filter press is carried out indirectly, not continuously. If there is anything you do not understand about this plate and frame filter press, or if you want to know more about the plate and frame filter press, then Jingjin Equipment and Equipment Company will be knotted to welcome you. Because the slogan Jingjin Filter Press puts forward for itself is: “Consider everything for you”! Such a thoughtful and considerate service, I believe that here you will get the answer you want!

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